How is the DivaDolly unique from other traveling systems?
The DivaDolly is the ONLY patented portable wardrobe on wheels that secures hanging garments, make-up and accessories during travel. It is unique in that it maintains organisation door to door! No hassling to organise or unpack during or between competitions or shows. The storage system offers various compartment sizes that suit your personal needs.

Is assembly required?
There is no assembly required! Your DivaDolly is ready to organise the minute it arrives. It is a sophisticated travel wardrobe and vanity station that provides ease and accessibility. The expandable rods and hanging rack lock into place for easy display and access to all hanging costumes. The DivaDolly is unique in that it is the only travel system that keeps all of your essentials ready to go the minute you arrive without the hassle of unpacking, re-hanging and re-organising.

How many costumes can the DivaDolly hold?
The DivaDolly is designed to store costumes using the upright hanger hook on the inner door as well as the generous drawer space. There are three drawers of graded depth that accommodate costumes, shoes, accessories, etc. The drawers remain secure throughout travel. The DivaDolly is capable of holding 8+ costumes. Costumes can be neatly stored on the hanger hook as well as folded neatly and securely in the drawers.

What are the dimensions of the DivaDolly?
The DivaDolly is 77 cms Height from the base of the wheels.
The trunk itself is 68cms H X 47 cms W. 
The Total Depth is 37 cms when closed.
The Inner Door with Hanging Rack is 13 cms in depth.
The drawers are 24 cms in depth.

How much does the DivaDolly weigh?
The weight is approximately 15 kilos. It is crafted with quality materials to ensure durability. It is recommended to keep the DivaDolly under 26 kilos fully loaded to ensure the integrity of the wheels and handle during transport.

Is the DivaDolly easy to wipe clean?
Yes! The DivaDolly does not touch the ground surfaces at a competition. It remains upright on its wheels. The body of the DivaDolly is not directly exposed to the dirt and grime that are on unfamiliar floor surfaces. The interior is made of PVC leather to add to the durability. PVC is a tough and resistant material that resists aging, abrasion and is tolerant of both cold and warm temperatures. The PVC leather can be easily cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth or a Magic Eraser.

Is the DivaDolly easily portable and accessible?
Yes, the DivaDolly has six universal wheels to ensure smooth and easy travel. Once stationed, after opening a few clasps, you have full access to your wardrobe and accessories within less than a minute. It’s your closet away from home keeping your focus on the spotlight.

Can the DivaDolly be checked for airline travel?
The dimensions of the DivaDolly exceed the average dimensions of checked luggage and is most likely considered oversized. However, checking the DivaDolly is not recommended for airline travel as it can easily damage by the mishandling of others.

Can the DivaDolly be stored in extreme temperatures?
Yes, the DivaDolly can be stored in temperatures below -2 degrees & temperature up to 38 degrees. Do avoid storing an ice pack or cooler inside the DivaDolly in order to preserve the structural quality and avoid storing in excessive heat. 

To what destinations will you ship?
Currently, DivaDolly Australia will ship to all 7 states. If you are wanting to purchase outside of Australia, please contact main DivaDolly Headquarters at info@divadollyaustralia.com.au for options.

Is DivaDolly available for local pick-up?
DivaDolly, Australia Pty Ltd is located in Forrestdale, Perth.
Yes, at checkout select Pick-Up from store.
After placing your order, please email info@divadollyaustralia.com.au to schedule a pick-up time that is convenient.
Our address is:
1/19 Alex Wood Drive, Forrestdale, WA

Can I purchase for wholesale?
If interested in buying wholesale and are outside Australia, please email DivaDolly, LLC at divadolly@comcast.net or complete the contact form on our American website. www.divadolly.com. Please include the name of your company and all pertinent contact information. We will contact you back in addition to having you review the terms of our wholesale agreement.


DivaDolly™ Australia Pty Ltd, ensures that all products are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards. Our products are under a manufacturer's warranty for 365 days from the date of purchase. Defects under warranty include a defect in material or workmanship at time of purchase and will be carefully assessed by our staff. The DivaDolly manufacturer's warranty does not cover any damage as a result of misuse. This includes accident damage, neglect, exposure to extreme temperatures, spills, stains, transport damage, exceeding the weight restrictions, everyday wear and tear, abrasion and/or dents. Please contact DivaDolly Australia Pty Ltd, to inquire about procedures in filing a claim under DivaDolly’s manufacturer warranty. All returns under warranty will be sent a return invoice slip and it must be included in the return shipment. Payment for the return shipping under a warranty claim is the responsibility of DivaDolly™ Australia Pty Ltd.


All NEW & UNUSED items may be returned in the original packing within 30 days of purchase. Please notify DivaDolly™Australia Pty Ltd, via our contact form or email info@divadollyaustralia.com.au that you will be returning your item/s. The return shipping is at the expense of the customer. There will be a $20 dollar restocking fee after item inspection prior to refund. Items credited for refund must be in NEW condition to allow resale.