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DivaSquad Ambassadors 2020



DivaDolly Australia created DivaSquad to ensure dancers everywhere had the opportunity to be part of a dance movement that focused on:
  • Dancers being able to express themselves, no matter whether they are a beginner or highly accomplished trophy winner.
  • Age or gender not being a barrier.
  • Encouragement to be the best you can be.
  • Ensuring that morals and treating people with respect are a priority.

Our #divasquad is growing and we could not think of a better way than to do a 'call-out' for Ambassadors to represent DivaDolly Australia and DivaSquad. We were inundated with responses and it took us ages to decide on who to choose...it was SO hard and we wanted to choose EVERYONE!

DivaDolly Australia

We chose six DivaSquad Ambassadors and we had some fun asking them some questions, so everyone could get to know them better!

Akira MorrowAkira Morrow

Akira's favourite dance genre is hiphop and she loves Billie Eilish!

She has a dog named Latte and a cat called Levi.

She told us her proudest dance moment was winning the 'Most Improved' award at her dance school and her favourite performace on stage was when she got to dance with Jojo Siwa! Akira has also met Delta Goodrem and Dante Exum.

She describes herself as funny, loves her family and friends and of course music! If she could live anywhere in the world, she chose LA or Hawaii.

Her favourite ice-cream flavour is mango and favourite TV show is Jessie.


Akira Morrow | Facebook Akira Morrow | Instagram


Baylie NobleBaylie Noble

Her nickname is Baylie Boo!

She is proud that she made the Top 10 for International Hiphop Battlegrounds and loves Contemporary and Hiphop dance styles.

Baylie has met Mel B, Iggy Azalea, Michael Dameski, Travis Wall, Jordan Matter, Briar Nolet, Myles Erlick, Gianna Martello and Maddie Zieglar! Phew what a list Baylie!

She describes herself as fun, loves her family, dancing and chicken nuggets! If she could live anywhere in the world, she chose LA.

Her favourite ice-cream flavour is vanilla and favourite TV show is Stranger Things.


Baylie Noble | Instagram


Lacey AllenLacey Allen

Lacey is super proud that her Jazz Solo came 2nd at National's in Melbourne! Currently she is loving ballet and lyrical.

Her nickname is Lace and she loves Brior Nolet, Taylor Swift and Millie Bobby Brown.

Lacey said she would love to be able to turn into a mermaid whenever she went swimming if she could have any superpower.

She describes herself as crazy, loves her family, dancing and school.

Her favourite ice-cream flavour is bubblegum and favourite TV show is Dancing with the Stars.


Lacet Allen | Instagram


Indie Lewis-ReesIndie Lewis-Rees

Indie feels very lucky to have lots of pets, they include dogs, cats, chookks, horses and a parrot called Basil!

Jazz is the genre that she loves most and loves performing her solos. She feels very proud to have made it into the Top 5 at GTB World Finals.

If Indie could a super power, she tells she would love to be able to fly.

She describes herself as caring, loves her family, friends and dancing.

Her favourite ice-cream flavour is strawberry and favourite TV show is Greenhouse Academy.


Indie Lewis-Rees | Instagram


Makai Lewis-ReesMakai Lewis-Rees

Makai says she feels proud to say she won Mini GTB World Champion!

Her nickname is Kai Kai and she shares lots of pets with her sister Indie.

Lyrical solos are her favourite performances on stage and she loves Remy Hanson, The Olsen Twins and Taylor Swift.

Staying young forever would be Makai's choice of super power. She describes herself as determined, loves her family, friends and dancing.

Her favourite ice-cream flavour is vanilla and favourite TV show is Full House. 


Makai Lewis-Rees | Instagram


Delza SkyeDelza Skye

Delza is a Burlesque performer and was chosen to perform at the New Zealand Burlesque Festival 2020 and she debuted her new 'Joker' act at Burlesque Idol in Perth 2020.

She loves listening to music to push through dips in her creativity, currently she loves 'Believer' by Imagine Dragons. Her favourite performers are Lana Del Rey, Jessica Lange and Burlesque artists, Bettie Bombshell, Miss Curvella & Sugar Du Joure.

Delza describes herself as tenacious. She enjoys spending time with family, being on stage and writing.

She told us that New Orleans is on her list of places to travel to. 


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